We Provide U.S. Nursing Licenses

USNLS is the world’s most trusted source for U.S. Nursing licensing services; with over 24-years of combined experience in the medical and medical recruitment industries.We exist to help provide a single point of contact; a simplified and smooth licensure process, helping you save time, money and frustration.

We know how time-consuming and challenging the licensure process can be; with over 50 with State Nursing Board’s within the United States, all with different rules, regulations, fee-structures and various other requirements. We also understand the difficulty of being an internationally educated nurse, trying to obtain a professional nurses license in the United States while living outside of the US. To simplify this process, we have carefully mastered the rules, regulations, and fee structures of each board of nursing in the US, to ensure you get licensed without difficulty.

At USNLS we understand that no two-nurse’s situation is the same. That is why we tailor our approach to meeting the specific needs of each individual client. We consider your current location, your relocation plans, suitable single or multi-state licensure, steadfast follow-up and best value-added solutions in leveraging your licensure needs.

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