With USNLS, you can now confidently obtain a board-certified US Nursing Licensed, allowing you to qualify to work in the United States as a nurse; while still in your home country, while on holiday in the US, or anywhere outside of the United States. Here, we have outlined how we will work with you every step of the way, throughout the process; guiding and advising you on what is best to accomplish your individual goal of being a US board-certified nurse, licensed to practice in the United States.

Why choose us

Official Licensure and Notification

Once your licensing is complete, USNLS will notify you and send your licensure documentation to you immediately! Some states DO provide temporary board-certified nursing licenses for nurses while they wait for their final license to be issued. A temporary license of this sort, can allow a nurse to work immediately at a hospital located on a US military base in your home country e.g.: Japan, Korea, Italy, UK, Kuwait, Turkey, Germany, etc.

AHA Medical Certifications

USNLS recommends that you have your AHA LifeSaver certification (BLS, ACLS, PALS) before you apply for nursing jobs in the US or with US military hospitals in your home country. We will provide guidance on how to effectively undertake medical professional lifesaver programs online and scheduling classroom time for the lab portion of your certification(s). AHA’s Medical Professional Certifications, just like your US nursing license, is a step in the right direction to enhance your chances with hospitals and clinics recruiting foreign nurses for opportunities in the United States or on US military bases.


We guide our clients effortlessly through the process of credential verification and validation, which saves you time, money and stress. We work with over 50 States Board of Nursing in the United States, and have in-depth knowledge what necessary credentials are required for each State nurse licensure board.

Background Check Procedures

At USNLS, we understand how challenging it is to obtain English police background check reports, especially in non-English speaking countries. We render excellent assistance throughout the whole process. Keep in mind; a background check is not a pass or fail system. What a criminal background check is, is a quick scan into your past arrest(s) and conviction(s), how much time has elapsed since the arrest(s), and how likely it is to affect your nursing career; it may not be a disqualifying factor. Check FAQS for more information

Language Proficiency Verification

Your understanding of spoken and written English needs verification by most boards of nursing in the United States, if English is your second language. We understand requirements and guidelines given by each board of nursing in all 50 US States and 5 US Territories. USNLS will work with you to get your current language exam qualified, arrange for a retest if needed or consult and schedule a new/first-time exam if necessary.

U.S. State Board of Nursing Application and Submission

USNLS will walk you step-by-step, through all the requirements of your desired State Board of Nursing in the U.S. which includes prompt application and submission of vital documents. We will complete a comprehensive checklist with every nurse to ensure a smooth and error-free application to the desired Board of Nursing in the United States.

NCLEX/ISPN/CGFNS Qualifying Exam Scheduling

USNLS takes pride being able to help our clients identify, schedule, study for and pass their US nursing licensure qualifying examinations with flying colors. Whichever examination that may be required by the State Board of Nursing of your choice.

VisaScreen® Process/Scheduling

Once necessary examinations have been successfully passed and all credentials are correctly verified, you can proceed with your VisaScreen assessment. We specifically endorse this exercise to make you eligible for a permanent or temporary occupational visa in the U.S. territories. USNLS will guide and manage your U.S. VisaScreen package which is a very crucial part of obtaining a work visa to the United States of America. This process is optional for most State Boards of Nursing, but required by a few.

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