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This program is designed primarily for non-US educated nurses licensed outside of the United States and for US nursing students who are stationed abroad on a US military installation whom have scheduled or taken the NCLEX.


Yes, you need to be a nurse with a valid board certified license in your home country or a country where you currently a nurse or have been a nurse.

The exception is American nursing students who have been educated by a US university located on a DoD base outside of the continental United States, and have scheduled or passed your NCLEX.

If you are working on your nursing education and trying to attend a US university, we can help. Contact us for a consultation.


The processing time varies. It is possible to accomplish all the requirements and receive your US board certified nursing license within 3-months. Typically, the process will take between 4 to 8 months; the process in some states can take upwards to over a year. See the timelines below to see the amount of time needed to complete each portion of the process.

Credentials Verification: 6 to 12 weeks – or – 10 days if expedited

State Board Application Approval: between 5-days and 90-days; depending on the state

NCLEX scheduling: 2 to 6 weeks

Language Evaluation: approximately 30-days after you test

U.S. Background Check: up to 13 weeks; dependent on the State approved agency conducting the background check

National Police Background Check: 30-days to 60-days; in most countries


The cost to get your license depends on a few factors, to include; state board of registration fees, credentials validation fees, English language proficiency test cost, potential background check costs, and the USNLS services and administration fee.

See the listed items below to determine the price range for your license.

NCLEX: $200; if tested in the United States
$350; if tested outside of the United States

TOEFL: $165 – $270; depending on your texting country

Credentials Verification: $350 – $1,640; depending on you State nursing board’s requirements

State Board Application Fee: $69.5 – $329; depending on the State in which you get licensed; including U.S. background check

USNLS Services & Administration Fees: $550

*Special military discount rate for American nurses located and educated on US military bases outside of the United States. Contact us for more details


USNLS has developed a decision tree styled processing algorithm which allows you to tailor your licensing needs and provide you with an accurate quote. The quote system will determine the States where you qualify to apply for and receive your nursing license quickly, easily and for as little investment as possible. There are no hidden or additional cost. The cost you see is your total price.

USNLS uses a PayPal secure payment gateway. This allows you to use your own credit/debit card, your bank account or PayPal account on a safe and secure platform.


Some State boards of nursing require that the nurse have a Social Security Tax Identification number or have proof of legal residence in the United States. Therefore, if your desired State did not show up on your quote, one of these two factors is most likely the reason.

USNLS recommends that you get licensed in an alternate State. Once you are a licensed nurse in the US, then you can transfer your license by endorsement for about $100, once you meet the requirements of the State you desire.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information


USNLS staff has developed this program with you in mind. We understand the complicated process and the potential pitfalls of getting a board-certified nursing license in the United States. We have developed relationships with individuals at the various State nursing boards, we have direct phone numbers to key points of contact whom we can work with on your behalf, to simplify the licensure process. Most importantly, we are in business to help you. We are here to honestly answer your questions, communicate with you regularly and update you throughout the entire process; from start to finish.

In addition, the process of obtaining a US nursing license can take up to 1-year, not to mention the process of sponsoring your visa. To this end, having a valid US board certified license will fast-track you and put you head-and-shoulders above all other foreign educated nurses applying for opportunities in the U.S.

So, if you have the desire to work as a nurse in the US, if you start by applying for jobs in the United States or a US Territory without a valid board-certified US nursing license, it will be more difficult to secure a position; nearly impossible. The reason is that there are a limited number of employers who sponsor H1B visas.


USNLS provides licensing services that will be beneficial in your search for a job. Nevertheless, we are not an employer or recruiting firm. We do however provide links to known H1B visa employers and recruitment websites on our Resources page.


USNLS is not able to assist with visa sponsorship. We understand that some licensing companies claim that they do, but we find their claims to be highly unlikely due to the strict requirements set by the US Department of State regarding H1B and other visa programs for immigration into the United States. Proceed with caution with any website claiming that they can get you a visa, contact an immigration attorney for advice and review the US Department of State website before purchasing.

NOTE: Beware of anyone who would mention the H1C visa as an option.The H1C visa classification expired as of December 20, 2009.

We do however manage and administer the VisaScreen® process that confirms your eligibility for a US visa. In addition, we have a links to immigration attorneys that can assist you to understand what is required of you to get a visa to the United States.

There is a free also diversity visa lottery program which is managed by the US Department of State; we have provided the link to this free program and the US Department of State website on our Resources page.

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