How It Works

Getting a US nursing license as a foreign educated nurse not living in the United States was a real challenge in the past. The opportunity to make a costly mistake was high, and many have either failed or just given up on the whole process. Here we outline some basic steps to almost effortlessly put you on the road to securing a board-certified US nursing license.

Checklist of things you need to obtain your board-certified US nursing license:

  • You must be a licensed nurse in a country recognized by the United States
  • You must obtain a certified copy of your nursing license
  • You must have a qualified and accredited education in nursing
  • You must obtain a certified copy of your diploma and transcripts from your college or university where you studied nursing
  • You must have taken and passed a TOEFL or IELTS English language proficiency examination within the last 24 months before licensure
  • You must obtain a sealed national police background check from your country of origin and/or any country that you currently reside
  • Not mandatory. Nevertheless, we suggest that you ensure that you have a valid AHA (American Heart Association) heart-saver certification for medical professionals

The steps in the process to getting your board-certified US nursing license:

  • Verification and Validation of Your Credentials
  • National Background Check in Your Country and The United States
  • English Language Proficiency Verification
  • Completed Application to A Board of Nursing in The United States
  • Successful Completion of The NCLEX Exam or The ISPN Exam for Chinese Nurses
  • Successful Completion of The CGFNS Qualifying Exam (If Required)
  • Completion If the VisaScreen® Process (Required by Some States; Recommended By USNLS If You Are Seeking A Working Visa To The United States)
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